February 01, 2017

URBAN OASIS is our first exclusively Women’s Collection. The line portrays the fantasy of the urban oasis tucked within the modern architectural cityscape. Designer Tom Pen was inspired by the colorful hues found from natural light and elements mirrored on the facades of modern architectural structures. Inspired by the blue skies and clouds reflecting off of buildings. 
Classic silhouettes are reinterpreted in a modern approach, providing fresh perspective through clean lines, structured forms, and thoughtful details.
  Each bag is finished in premium MCRO SUEDE and MCRO LEATHER, both plush and vegan friendly, with a SMRT FELT structure. Thematic tones include Iron and Polished Stone, reflecting the structured cityscape, and Desert Rose and Lake Blue, the oasis hidden within.
URBAN OASIS invites us to release our minds from the confines of reality, and into the abstraction of the oasis.