MAD RABBIT KICKING TIGER (M.R.K.T.) is a Los Angeles based accessories label established in 2010 by Harvard-trained architect, Tom Pen. Our designs are inspired by modern architectural concepts of clean and pure form. Structure, function and material innovation are our guides as we push the boundaries of design in every bag we create.

M.R.K.T. reflects the thriving urban streets of the world where creativity radiates, unconventional ideas are tested and individuality inspires.

The concept represents two driving forces, consisting of an unyielding inner creative energy; the MAD RABBIT, responsible for conceptualizing creative visions behind our designs and the KICKING TIGER; the kinetic release of creative impulse into tangible form. M.R.K.T. draws its inspiration from modern architectural surroundings and minds of artistic intellects. The culmination of this duality functions to represent the modern class of trendy and intelligent explorers of knowledge, design and art. 


M.R.K.T. bags are structured; designed as modern interpretations of classic styles. The distinctive characteristics of our collections consist of a three dimensional body design with clean lines and geometric pure forms. Using innovative technology like precision laser cutting, M.R.K.T. bags achieve the structural and modern aesthetic that conventional bags may lack.

Colour story and collection themes are influenced and inspired by cityscapes, architectural structures and coexisting natural elements.

Functionality is incorporated with features such as removable media sleeves, dedicated compartments and comfortable shoulder straps.

Our materials are socially conscious and vegan friendly.